Sampa Community Church is about God's passion to see lives transformed by Jesus Christ Come and experience Jesus Christ, encourage others and extend God's Kingdom with us.

Our message

Our message

We preach Christ crucified, the power and the wisdom of God. Because of that at Sampa we want to experience God, encourage each other and extend His Kingdom.  

Sampa is you and me

Sampa is you and me

Sampa is you and me. We are the hands and feet of Jesus, blessing others in our home, workplace and neighborhood.  

Sampa - Passion for life

Sampa - Passion for life

Sao Paulo is about passion. Passion for people and the grandeur of urban scenarios. Passion for something greater than yourself. It drives you and yet it holds the reins. Mature…

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Creating Authentic Faith Communities In Home and Church


One of the most destructive myths in our families and our churches is the false idea that we, mere sinful fallen humans, can by our own effort manufacture disciples of Jesus. We see this idea refuted clearly articulated at the very beginning of John’s gospel, where the aging Apostle writes that spiritual life comes, “not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor the will of man, but of God” (John 1:13).

Humans cannot produce spiritual maturity; this is solely the job of the Holy Spirit as He applies the...


Sep 2 God Is: God is Here Now

Where is God? Some might answer Heaven, or in their heart, or in everything. Psalm 139 paints a vivid and personal picture of God's omnipresence, that He's everywhere. So how do you live in the reality that God is present with you no matter...

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Aug 26 God is: God is Awesome in Power

How powerful is God? You might answer that he's all-powerful -- omnipotent -- in sort of an abstract way. But what does it mean for God to have the power to do anything, and how is that...

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Is Yours a Kid-Friendly Church?*

Is your church kid-friendly? I’m not wondering if you sanitize the nursery toys, put stools in front of the water fountains, and have enough Sunday school teachers. I’m wondering if your church — the people, the leadership, the services — are really friendly toward children. Here are four things that might be affected if we had more kid-friendly churches...


August 19 No Service At the Club Transatlântico


We had no Service at the Club Transatlântico on August 19. We want to encourage you to gather--as a community group or a bunch of friends--somewhere different. Here are a dozen ways you can spread hope together in Sao Paulo!
1- clean up a park
2- clean up a local school
3- volunteer at an orphanage
4- visit a local nursing home...

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