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Starting Point


Your Place in God's Story?

In his book Listening to your Life, author Frederick Buechner gives one of several reasons why he happens to believe in God.

"Writing novels," he said, "I got into the habit of looking for plots. After awhile, I began to suspect that my own life had a plot. And after awhile more, I began to suspect that life itself has a plot."

We would agree. In fact, at Sampa we have groups of people regularly discussing the topic of the Bible's grand story--and where each of us fits into the narrative.

Starting Point is for people who come to Sampa and might like to ask a question or two. Starting Point is where people can explore faith and experience community. Whether you’re new to Christianity, simply curious about it, or reexamining what it means to have a relationship with God, you’ll appreciate the small-group, conversational environment.

Come as you are and build relationships with others embarking on this journey. But don’t be intimidated by the subject matter. Ultimately, the Bible is God’s story—an epic narrative about his desire for a relationship with you.

Join the adventure of finding out how the story started...where it’s going...and how you can find your place in it.



With seekers, starters, and returners in mind:

Starting Point is a conversational environment

where people can explore faith and experience community.

There are two primary purposes for Starting Point: to help participants explore faith and experience community. Therefore, success is defined by how well participants are growing spiritually and connecting relationally. In light of these two goals, Starting Point is not a teaching forum, an apologetics course, or a class in Christian theology. Naturally those elements may take place from time to time, but at its core Starting Point is a conversational environment. Starting Point leaders are not teachers, but discussion facilitators and fellow sojourners.


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